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Booking Conditions

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Booking Conditions

Please remember, when booking with Menorca Private Owners ltd, trading as MPO Travel, you are entering into a binding contract governed by the terms and conditions laid out below.


The Owner. The legal owner of the property.

The Booking and Advertising Service Menorca Private Owners ltd, trading as MPO Travel referred throughout as MPO the company appointed to represent the group of owners referred to as Menorca Private Owners Ltd.

The Holidaymaker. The person named on the booking form confirming the reservation.

The Managing Agent. The person responsible locally for the property named on your final holiday details.

The Contract

The contract of hire is made between the Holidaymaker and the Owner or supplier and relates to accommodation only as listed on the final invoice for the time period stated. Please note, MPO is not the principal in the contract and only acts as booking and advertising service for the Owner and Suppliers. Full names available on request.


The contract of hire is made on the understanding that the Property and its facilities as described by the Owner will be available on the holiday dates that are booked. In the unlikely event that the Property and its facilities become unavailable as a result of matters beyond MPO's control, MPO will make every effort to offer the Holidaymaker suitable alternative accommodation with a price adjustment where necessary. If this is not available or acceptable to the Holidaymaker, the Holidaymaker will be entitled to a full refund from the owner of all monies paid for the accommodation and the booking will be cancelled. The Holidaymaker by accepting an alternative or a refund of monies paid will not, as a result, have any further claim against MPO or the Owner.

The costs of any such relocation and alternative accommodation arising from a force majeure shall be settled from the rental paid and should such funds not be sufficient to cover such costs, the balance will be for the Tenant's account. The costs of any such relocation and alternative accommodation arising from the Owner being in breach of this Agreement shall be settled from and limited to amount of the Rental funds paid.

The Rental Period

The rental period will be the dates as shown on the confirmation of booking invoice provided by MPO. The period of rental is from 3pm on the first day to 10 am on the last day. Unless otherwise stated. After hours’ check-ins may incur an additional charge as per the reservation confirmation.


A confirmation of the booking will be dispatched when MPO has received from the Holidaymaker, the deposit for the holiday together with the completed booking form. No contract exists between the Holidaymaker and the Owner until the completed booking form and deposit has been received by MPO and the holidaymaker has received written confirmation of the booking from MPO. Payment of the balance of the total holiday cost is required ten weeks prior to the start of the holiday. Where full payment has not been received by that date, the booking may be cancelled at MPO's discretion. We reserve the right to surcharge. Full payment for the holiday is required at the time of booking when this is within ten weeks of the start of the holiday.


We have provided a quick currency calculator on our websites for your approximate guide to exchange rates, these are set to reflect live currency exchange and are an indication of the price. The final price will be agreed prior to booking.
Please note when making a reservation you may pay in a currency other than the displayed price on the websites, and our staff will confirm the agreed exchange rate by email to be applied at the time of reservation.

Balearic Tourist Tax

If you are travelling to Menorca, you will be required to pay Balearic Tourist Tax for your stay in Menorca. This is calculated at 2€ per night per visitor over 16 years of age, for the first 9 nights and this then reduces to 1€ per visitor per night for the remainder of your holiday. This tax is subject to an additional 10% IVA. 

Holiday Cancellation

It is a condition of this booking that the Holidaymaker is fully covered by holiday travel insurance which provides cancellation cover to the value of the booking. MPO should be notified immediately by telephone if the Holidaymaker considers it necessary to cancel the holiday and this should be followed by written confirmation of the cancellation. For cancellation less than 10 weeks prior to departure, the Holidaymaker will remain liable to pay MPO the full cost of the holiday, whether or not the final balance of the holiday cost has been paid at the time of cancellation. Cancellation prior to 10 weeks of departure date, results in the loss of the booking deposit paid when initially confirming the booking.

Refunds and waiver of cancellation policies are at the discretion of management and the ability to find alternative tenants timeously. 

Holiday Alterations

In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to change the details of the holiday which has been booked, provided MPO is advised at least six weeks before the start of the holiday and on payment of a £50.00 administration charge. If the Tenant requests a change in dates from the initial confirmed dates, and such dates are of a shorter duration than the initial confirmation, the Tenant will be liable for cancellation charges in accordance with the above policy. The Managing Agent will actively open up the availability for the cancelled dates and any income from new bookings taken will be credited back to the Tenant.

Holiday Information

MPO will only share holiday information such as party names and travel documents with the lead client (the person that booked the holiday) unless authorised to do so in writing. 

Party Numbers.

Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of people stated on the confirmation of booking occupy the property. MPO, the Owner or their agent reserve the right to refuse admittance to the holiday property if this condition is not observed or if, in their opinion and at their sole discretion, the holiday party is unsuitable for the property. MPO reserve the right to make a pro rata charge of the accommodation rental charge in the event of over occupancy against a holidaymakers’ security deposit. 

Property Details

MPO has taken every care to ensure the accuracy of the Property descriptions, which are provided by the Owner and all literature is provided in good faith. MPO will notify the Holidaymaker of any changes as they become known but do not accept responsibility for errors made by the owner. MPO or the Owner shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind or nature arising from the Holidaymaker's use of the Property and amenities.

It is the responsibility of the holiday maker to take note of the properties own services that are included or excluded as part of the rental including the Minimum and/or Maximum length of stay.


We check the information which we provide about our holidays very carefully. However, tour, excursion, boat trips, cable car rides, safari outings or other additional services may change as a result of local conditions. Circumstances such as these, or weather conditions, may cause some of the amenities we have described to be unavailable or different from those advertised. When we are told of any significant or long term changes we will always endeavor to advise you prior to your departure. 

The suppliers/subcontractors and properties we select to market and sell are of a certain standard which we consider suitable to be associated with our brand.  Many of these properties come with a high number of amenities and are also located in remote regions.  Notwithstanding the high standards we expect from our suppliers/subcontractors and the properties we select, unexpected breakages, breakdowns and faults may occur in one or more of the amenities provided on the property notwithstanding regular servicing and maintenance.  We will endeavor at all times to ensure our suppliers/subcontractors repair and replace any faulty amenities in the fastest time possible using reasonable endeavors. However, we cannot be held liable for breakages, breakdowns and faults and we will not provide compensation in the event such breakages, breakdowns and faults occur.

As between you and the suppliers of the transport, accommodation and other components making up your holiday, the conditions of the supplier will apply.

The Holiday-makers Responsibilities

The Holidaymaker is responsible for paying the total price of the holiday and all extras as shown on the final invoice issued by MPO. The Holidaymaker is also responsible for the Property during the period of the holiday booking and expected to take all reasonable care of the Property and its furniture, fittings & equipment, and accept responsibility is not limited only to the breakage deposit. The Holidaymaker undertakes to leave the Property and its furniture, fittings, equipment and utensils clean and tidy at the end of the holiday and to advise MPO, and pay for, any damage, or breakages (fair wear and tear excluded), or loss of owners’ property.

The Holidaymaker agrees not to cause any annoyance or disturbance whilst at the Property. The Holidaymaker will allow MPO, the Owner or their agent access to the Property at any reasonable time. Neither MPO or the Owner, accept any liability for the loss or damage to luggage and personal belongings, vehicles and their contents for which the Holidaymaker is responsible at all times.

Pets are not permitted without prior agreement from the Owner. 

In addition, the Tenant shall -
  1. not sub-let the whole or any part of the Property to any third party save with the express written permission of the Owner, which permission may be withheld at the Managing Agent's sole and absolute discretion;
  2. not make any alterations or additions to the Property;
  3. not do, or omit to do anything, which could damage the Property, or render any insurance policy in respect of the Property void or voidable;
  4. refrain from doing anything which is illegal and/or causing any noise or nuisance that would in any way disturb the quiet and peaceful occupation enjoyed by the neighbours of the Property;
  5. use the Property (including, but not limited to, the garden and/or any portion of the land upon which the Property is situated) only for residential accommodation and the parking bays only for the parking therein of a motor vehicle;
  6. bear all outgoing telephone call charges in respect of the Property with effect from the occupation date. All such telephone charges shall be determined by deducting the telephone meter reading as at the occupation date from the telephone meter reading as at the termination date. It is recorded that all telephone calls are charged at the prevailing Telkom rates as they may be from time to time;
  7. notify the Managing Agent in writing, within 24 (twenty-four) hours after the occupation date, of any defects in the Property, failing which the Tenant shall be deemed to have acknowledged that the Property was received in good order and condition. The Managing Agent undertakes to remedy such defects (if any) as soon as is reasonably possible;
  8. In South Africa our properties have inventories, it is the holidaymaker’s responsibility to notify the Managing Agent in writing, within 24 (twenty-four) hours after the occupation date, of the absence of any of the items on the inventory, failing which the Tenant shall be deemed to have acknowledged that the inventory is true and correct;
  9. not cede and/or delegate any of his rights and/or obligations under this agreement;
  10. ensure that refuse does not remain on or outside the Property, save in the place provided therefore;
  11. not make duplicates of any of the keys in respect of the Property, and shall on termination of this agreement, forthwith deliver all keys (including any duplicates thereof) and remote control units to the Managing Agent;
  12. on termination of this agreement, return and deliver to the Owner the Property in good order and condition (fair wear and tear excepted); and
  13. bear the costs of any additional services requested by the Tenant and provided by the Owner and/or Managing Agent which services are not recorded in the invoice settled before your holiday.
  14. not use the property for any purpose other than standard rental accommodation. Any alternative usage (such as a venue for an event or as a film location) must be agreed in writing with the Managing Agent, prior to occupation, and may be charged at an additional rate. 
  15. If the Tenant wishes to extend the occupation period, and subject to the Property being available, this can be arranged with MPO for an agreed additional rental. Such additional rental shall also be required to be paid in advance and the security deposit shall not be used to pay for such additional rental.

Illness and Disability

If you or any member of your party suffer from a disability or other medical condition, you must tell us before you book. MPO is happy to give you advice and try to assist you in choosing a holiday that will meet your requirements. Air travel can cause problems for some people with circulatory or bronchial problems, such as deep vein thrombosis. It is inadvisable for anyone with high blood pressure or respiratory problems to visit high altitudes. You should consult your doctor for advice before you book and in good time before your departure. Acting reasonably, if we are unable to properly accommodate the needs of the person(s) concerned, we will not confirm your booking or if you did not give us full details at the time of booking, we will cancel it and impose applicable cancellation charges when we become aware of these details.

Swimming Pools

The majority of our properties have swimming pools, which are not manned. Please familiarize yourself thoroughly with the depth of the pool and how to get out, and exercise safety and caution at all times, especially with children, non-swimmers and if diving. Children and non-swimmers are your responsibility at all times. Pool heating is included in some villa rentals and charged at a supplement at others. Please see the relevant property web pages for details. The maximum heated pool temperature varies and is subject to weather conditions. 


Please note that the majority of our properties are located in rural areas, where wildlife such as animals and insects are as natural a part of the landscape as the grass and the trees. It would not be particularly unusual to encounter animals, such as rodents, deer, goats, cats (stray or belonging to nearby locals), or insects such as wasps, bees, flies, ants or scorpions and spiders. Insects and animals can be attracted to swimming pools, nearby streams or ponds, local vegetation or sometimes food left out following an outside meal. We would urge you to keep doors and windows closed as far as practicably possible and to clear all remains of food following an outdoor (or indoor) meal. Please do not purposefully feed any local animals - it will encourage them to return and they may not be so welcome to the next guests. MPO and its Owners cannot be held accountable for the presence of animals or insects at the villa you choose. 

Accidental Damage Protection

We will include on your final invoice a quotation for optional Accidental Damage Protection which will provide for the cost of accidental damage to your holiday villa up to the limit specified, by you or a member of your party named on the booking confirmation. This is not a replacement for the security deposit which is still required.  It is a condition of this protection that any damage is immediately reported during your holiday to the Local Managing Agent responsible for the property, and that you obtain a written report from the Managing Agent itemising the damage, a copy of which to be provided to MPO.

Security Deposit

It is the Holidaymakers responsibility to take good care of the Property and its contents. A Security deposit of £250 or 10% of the accommodation charge whichever is the greater up to maximum of £1000, unless otherwise stated. Please note, if you are staying in a villa in South Africa a security deposit of R20,000 will be required. Security deposit are taken by credit card pre authorization. In the event of a request by the owner for a charge to be taken against this authorization this will be taken within 7 days of the holiday end date. MPO reserves the right deduct a £25 service charge where charges to security deposits are made and to deduct costs for damage or loss beyond normal wear and tear. By entering into this contract you authorise MPO to make such charges to your credit card as their directors deem applicable for damage or additional cleaning resulting in your occupancy of the property.

Circumstances that may affect your holiday

Neither the Owner nor MPO shall be liable in circumstances amounting to force majeure, or liable for inconvenience, annoyance nuisance or other local disturbance beyond their control. The Holiday maker will not be entitled to any compensation for any issues arising from these circumstances. MPO undertakes to help with any problems that arise with the holiday, even where MPO cannot accept responsibility and has no legal obligations to provide assistance. 

Complaint Procedure

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the Company's arrangements while you are on holiday, you must address your complaint immediately to the Company's local representative (or, if none, to the Company) and to the management of the property or other supplier whose services are involved. If for any reason the Holidaymaker cannot contact the agent, then they must telephone MPO in the UK during business hours. +44 1335 330169. MPO will give the Holidaymaker a reference number of the complaint and contact the Owner or their agent as soon as possible. 

They will do their best to rectify the situation. The Holidaymaker must allow sufficient time for the problem to be reasonably resolved, and please bear in mind that this can take a little longer in foreign countries.

It is unreasonable to take no action whilst on holiday, but then to write a letter of complaint upon return.
In the unlikely event that the problem is not resolved, it is the responsibility of the Holidaymaker to ensure that the managing agent provides the Holidaymaker with a copy of the complaint in writing. Any complaints unresolved should be notified in writing by the Holidaymaker to MPO within Seven Days of return from the holiday. MPO undertakes to pursue these claims on behalf of the Holidaymaker but cannot accept any liability arising from such a claim. 

The Owner or MPO cannot entertain a claim arising out of the complaint unless the above procedure is followed, as the requirements of this procedure have legal force. If the Holidaymaker does not follow this procedure, they will deny MPO or the Owner the opportunity to resolve the problem immediately and/or investigate it properly. MPO or the Owner, could rely on that failure, if any subsequent claim is brought against the Owner or MPO.

Jurisdiction/ Liability

English Law governs this contract and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. The maximum liability under this contract is limited to the rental value of accommodation only. However, MPO, the Owner or their agent does not seek to be excluded for negligence. 

No alteration, cancellation, variation of, or addition hereto shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by all Parties to this Agreement or their duly authorized representatives. This Agreement cancels and supersedes the terms and conditions of all prior negotiations and Agreements between the Parties.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here

Foreign Office Travel Advice

The holiday maker is responsible for ensuring they are aware of the travel advice produced by their home jurisdiction, the government that issues the passport and/or visa you intend to travel under and that of the other members of their party. 

Traveling to South Africa with Children

In June 2015 South Africa introduced immigration rules to combat child trafficking. As a result, when traveling to South Africa with your children you are required to have the necessary documentation. Failure to do so can result in your airline not permitting you to travel.

If your children are under 18 you must take their birth certificates with you in addition to your passports and visa (if required). If you are travelling with a child under 18 and one or both of their maternal parents are not present, then an extra consent form is required. Please read the full details here.

We are members of ABTA membership number P6701.

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